The Production

Before it was commonplace, the Falasca organization launched a Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) system to move thoroughly and accurately render design and coordination drawings. The company was also in the forefront of using advanced multi-terminal computer hardware and software to do estimate in much less time. Yet, the firm also uses the traditional pencil-to-paper approach for the more complex customized figuring required for more unique projects. It’s that balance between high tech and high sensitivity that gives the Falasca organization its distinctive ability to understand clients well and then to serve them so thoroughly.

Falasca Mechanical owns and operates its own pipe fabrication shop in its Vineland, New Jersey office location. After plans are completed and signed off on, the CAD files are given to the fabrication shop manager for spooling. The steel pipe is then cut to length, tagged and set aside by system, by area with all fittings. All “thread-o-lets” and “Vic outlets” are welded on the fabricated piping so that only small copper branch run outs are needed in the field. Falasca Mechanical’s fabrication shop insures that all large bore piping is installed timely and the quality control is maintained.