Finished & Polished

The thoroughness in everything we do is evidenced in the way our project management system is organized for every type of mechanical construction. Each project is assigned to an estimator and then to one of our project managers who is experienced in every aspect of mechanical construction. They work as a coordinated team with field supervisors for logistical and operations efficiency. We give high priority to timely coordination between field supervisors, accounting, purchasing and materials handling. Every team is ultimately accountable to Daniel Falasca, Jr., whose passion for detail and craftsmanship is the ultimate quality control. The attention to detail and the time-sensitive coordination of labor and materials are the results of that passion.

Falasca Mechanical has assembled a team of subcontractors and suppliers creating one of the largest mechanical contractors in the region with annual contract sales ranging from $85,000,000.00 to $133,000,000.00. For both public and private projects, Falasca Mechanical has built its classification to an “unlimited” value meaning there is no limit to the total amount of work Falasca Mechanical is allowed to perform within the State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.

Every project team for Falasca Mechanical will consist of an Onsite Project Manager, Onsite Project Executive, Project Accountant and with contributing members of ductwork subcontractors, automatic temperature controls, and HVAC sub trades.