The Delivery

Falasca Mechanical makes use of its vast warehouse and outdoor lay down area to collect materials and equipment and organize them by floor and system. This process allows Falasca Mechanical to bring material to the jobsite that is ready for installation. Deliveries come in packaging that is tagged by floor and is rigged to that floor or in the case of larger equipment, rigged to its final set location without needing to be temporarily set or stored on site. With Falasca’s basic piping materials, Falasca has invested in dozens of steel crates with welded rigging points to easily facilitate the use of a tower crane for application. Falasca Mechanical has a large warehouse that can house weather sensitive materials and “as needed” equipment. Falasca Mecahnical does not send anything to the site early. Once a floor is ready, hangers are sent out, tagged by floor, and rigged to that floor. Once hangers are up, bulk piping materials tagged for that floor are sent out and installed. This staging process eliminates the need for any site storage and limits materials on the floor prior to installation. All trades need to layout, stage and install their work.